Mitsubishi Electric Emirai 3 XDAS Concept Specs

Mitsubishi Electric Emirai 3 XDAS Concept – Driver assistance, LCD screens configurable at will, synchronization with the cloud, predictive systems, sensors and cameras to determine the health condition of the driver. At the Tokyo Motor Show, from October 29 to November 8, Mitsubishi Electric will present the Emirai 3 XDAS, concept that comes directly from the future.

The interaction in the first place. The car, discovery, uses as a base the second electric version presented during the edition of 2013, insisting on the interaction with the pilot and the latest technology HMI (human-machine interface). Among the solutions developed by Mitsubishi Electric (one of the industry’s leading Japanese) are a system of gesture recognition can recognize hand movements (for text input) and wearable devices with vibrations to send messages to the driver . No shortage cameras ready to analyze the look and electrocardiograph high-tech (no points of contact with the body) to monitor the health of the pilot: the data are analyzed by a specific app can reconstruct an ad hoc profile : in case of excessive fatigue, the car suggests a stop.

Safety and augmented reality. On the dashboard of Emirai 3 it is positioned a head-up display that can return three-dimensional images of objects up to ten meters away, allowing the driver to keep his eyes on the road. Finally, on the security front, a system of predictive maps and side cameras can store the danger points and to address the intersections more safely if necessary, the Emirai 3 is also able to react automatically.

Mitsubishi Electric Emirai 3 XDAS Concept Specs Pictures

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