2015 Mercedes-Benz Pickup, first in the history of the House

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Mercedes-Benz Pickup

2015 Mercedes-Benz Pickup – Overview

Mercedes-Benz Vans is opening a new chapter in its history by announcing officially that 2020 will present its first pickup. For the first time a premium brand, through its section dedicated to commercial vehicles, making a similar decision, stating the reasons as a strategy to expand its range and sustain global growth. Markets. Anyone imagining a pickup of the Star, will immediately thought of the millions of specimens each year are bought by American customers, and not surprisingly Mercedes-Benz has specified that the model will fit in the midsize segment that most of all collect the favors of the market . But the goal is not that of the United States: according to the German House of conquest markets are Latin America, South Africa, Australia and even Europe, while North America is not even mentioned in the press .Transformations and competition. The pickup Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicles will be sold by the department and for this it is likely that the vehicle is intended to exploit synergies with existing Vito and V-Class, while being identified with a new model developed specifically. The German company makes no secret of its ambitions, explaining that the preference of private users to the pickups could transform the segment as happened to the jeep, SUVs become, twenty years ago, when he was the Class M proselytizing. Now we have to wait to see the finished product and, above all, the possible response of opponents historical BMW and Audi, which could be outclassed in sales volumes with this revolutionary strategic choice.

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