2015 Toyora Rav4 Hybrid – Cars HD Wallpaper

Toyota RAV4 Overview

2015 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid, here is the average SUV, crossover, if you prefer, Japanese, workhorse globally, in its hybrid version, which promises to be a successful model. E ‘was unveiled at the New York and will arrive on the market in late 2015.

The Toyota RAV4 Hybrid is an important step – even though he has a close relative, the Lexus Hybrid NX – and will be a four-wheel drive sport utility. Why powetrain will consist of three engines. That is the classic petrol four-cylinder 2.5-liter Atkison cycle combined with an electric engine. But there will be another connected to the rear axle, for causes the wheel drive can be always available depending on the need. The total power in synergy so it should be more than 200 horses.

Design. The front is the new, more streamlined, with the headlights more integrated with the design of the grille. Are bi-led, while also coming back to the LEDs. No new epoch, but help to give a more technology, such as the internal instrumentation, where the digital is king.

Hybrid, all-wheel drive and with a package of driver assistance and comprehensive security. Toyota RAV4 Hybrid fact makes available Adaptive Cruise Control, Auto High Beam Lane Departure Alert, the Pre-Crash System, Road Sign Assist and Panoramic View Monitor, which shows everything around the car.

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